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Brand Identity Client Work Portfolio

Helping purpose-driven brands communicate

creatively, cohesively, and concisely.

Training Ecosystem

"Blown away. Kim is a genius. She took our multiple brands and thoughtfully and methodically built an identity with multiple layers."

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Business Consultant

"As a visual person this aspect was super important for me as a foundation of my whole business and Kim lifted it beyond what I could imagine."


Fundraising Consultant

"The end product was something that we are incredibly proud of. Our branding and website is exciting, clean, instantly recognisable, and something that helps us stand out from the competition."

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Sleep Consultant

"Kim was so flexible and created everything in the program I know how to use which meant I felt confident in continuing her work on my own going forward."

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Coaching Business

"Kim asked me questions I had never been asked before and somehow turned my jumbled answers into awesome marketing content that makes my business look much cooler than it is!"

TUE web Example.jpg

Coaching & Training Business

"Working with Kim has accelerated the business forward, given me the confidence and increased motivation to shout about my business and have fun with it! And I have proof that the new branding works.."

Momentus Business card design

Personal Brand

"She is proactive and professional. She stimulates your thinking and turns your thoughts into exceptional outputs. I found the process of developing my personal brand with Kim both easy and enjoyable"

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Knowledge Management Consultant

"Through her considered questioning, visual direction and diligence in understanding my vision, Kim has helped me to communicate with confidence and stand out in my field."

Manifesto Mock-up .png

Personal Trainer

"Kim has added such an amazing injection of positivity into not only my company and brand but also into my working life."

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Housing Consultancy

"We recommend Kim highly to anyone seeking to develop a strong brand identity and look forward to many more collaborations in the future with her."

KS Pres Design.png

Coaching Business

"Kim has helped me tremendously, not only with the design of my brand but also with its definition. She made me think about my goals and my purpose and she then turned them into a brand that I love"

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Coaching & Training Business

"It is extremely refreshing to work with a highly-skilled, artistic creative who also operates with such a high degree of professionalism."

1 - HCA IG.png

Gift Boutique

"I went to her with an idea and I’ve left with a brand. Not just a brand but a brand that hits the brief and makes it personal to me and my story. She took my idea and elevated it to the next level."

Screenshot 2021-05-10 at 11.45.39.png

Personal Project 

"This is incredible Kim 👏 coolest design I've seen you make to date! I honestly hope your house will be filled with this type of infographics 😄"

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