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Communication with

concise, creative coherence.


FOur words.

four ‘C’s’.

Three simple steps to designing a brand identity that will stand out – and stand the test of time.


The approach I take is deliberately logical and deeply personal. Because I believe effective communication starts with you and your audience. So I’ll get to know your business and your customers, helping you to gain clarity over your messaging and your market.


With a better understanding of your unique proposition, we can start getting creative. Translating your core values into visuals with impact. That repeatedly, consistently connect with your target audience and support your strategic objectives. 


From complete rebrands, style guides and logo design to presentation templates, I’ll develop bespoke design deliverables that drive brand recognition and loyalty – helping you to communicate with confidence across channels.

What Can I do ?

  • Brand Identity Strategy

    • Words are powerful. Articulating what your core message is and using language to describe your offer are just two of the positioning tools we use to create a solid foundation for your brand personality.

  • Brand Identity Design 

    • With your core message and purpose ready to we can then look at how you communicate visually. Whether it be through photography, illustration or bold typography, all visual assets are considered. This design step brings your brand personality to life and we create bespoke assets that talk the talk and walk the walk.​

  • Rebrand/ Refresh

    • Finding a different way to communicate or tweaking your current visual identity can be a great way to grab attention and stay up to date.

    • Our businesses are always developing and changing with the times - or they should be - because let's face it, people change, and we work with people. Let's see how we can use what you already have and add some energy!

  • Visual Identity Expansion

    • Need a twist on your existing identity for a new campaign, new offer or new product? Let's chat and see how your existing brand can adapt and grow to be aligned - yet stand out - with what you've already built for your business. 


About Kim

A creative by trade and an entrepreneur at heart, I’ve spent the last 4 years helping purposeful businesses like yours find their voice and find their image.


With a background in photography, graphic design and fine art, my approach draws on diverse sources and diverse experiences. I’ve travelled to over 55 countries (and counting), and having embarked on my own journey of professional discovery, I’ve found a natural affinity working with coaches and consultants in the personal development sector.


I’m passionate about seeing new places. Meeting new people. Finding new ways to help brands stand out. So don’t be a stranger. Get in touch let’s see how we can collaborate to bring your business to life.

About Kim
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