Lorraine Wilkes Coaching

Scope of work:

Visual Identity Design 

Brand Positioning

Brand Strategy

Logo Icon & Badge Design

Template Creation

Lorraine has a plethora of experience working with people through different stages of her career. In 2019 she decided to take a leaf out of her own book and transition into a role where she can help many people live a life grounded in their true selves.

As a new coach she wanted a bright and spacious feel to her visual identity. With two sides of her approach we developed a distinct style for her work with individuals and her work in the corporate sector.

With an extensive family of logos, icons and bright colour, a cohesive and dynamic visual language has been created to communicate with her preferred audience.


“Kim is the perfect combination of talented, trustworthy and friendly. She really helped me formulate what matters to me, what my purpose is, and she turned it into a brand.


Kim has helped me tremendously, not only with the design of my brand but also with its definition. She made me think about my goals and my purpose and she then turned them into a brand that I love.


I am now much more confident to sell my services. In addition to bringing her talent and guidance, she has been incredibly reliable, flexible and friendly.

Thank you.”

Lorraine Wilkes

Transition Coach

Founder of Lorraine Wilkes Coaching