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JT Ethos

Scope of work:

Visual Identity Audit

Rebrand of Visual Assets

Logo Design

Visual Identity Expansion

Content Creation

Print Design

JT Ethos had continued to grow over the last few years and the founder Jim, was conscious that the online outreach, digital footprint and marketing materials were out of touch with the reputation he had built. The current brand identity was not representing the high quality, holistic service and experience Jim offered.


As the go-to health expert in his local area he needed something coherent, professional and bold to do his business justice.

Jim’s positioning was spot on and the clarity regarding his offering and audience provided a solid foundation for the rebrand. Developing a more aligned visual communication system to represent the business was the focus for this project.

Bringing assets and content up to scratch with a new look and feel gave JT Ethos a clean and professional spirit to match the approach Jim takes with his clients.


“Kim has added such an amazing injection of positivity into not only my company and brand but also into my working life. I took a bit of a leap out of my comfort zone when engaging Kim but could not be happier with the result.


Kim's work is purposeful, focussed and turned around in very sensible times. She is equally very good at detailing when things will happen and delivering on that.

Kim is a very positive person to work with and adds energy and enthusiasm to all of our interactions, something that I value hugely and is all the more welcome after this year of the pandemic. What is more, I just love the designs and am so pleased that I have gone way past the original brief to expand the impact of the new branding.

I could not be happier with the end result, I am proud of my business again and love the consistency we have achieved across all outputs and all elements of the business. Thank you Kim.”


Jim Thorp

Founder of JT Ethos

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