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Scope of work:

Visual Identity Expansion

Icon Design

Infographic design

Campaign Design

Print Design


The founder of Knovolution, Janine Weightman, had a beautiful new logo but limited design and collateral that would help share her core message and offering. Logos are rarely seen in isolation so an expansion of her visual identity was required to present her brand and offer.


We got to work figuring out what impact she wanted to make and bring to life her approach and principles of knowledge management. 

Using the primary logo as inspiration I created a family of graphic assets to communicate her bold no-nonsense approach. We paired this with high contrast monochrome imagery which compliments the bold colour palette.

Once applied to marketing material, print design and social media content, Janine was prepped and ready to take her business to market.


"I was already the proud owner of a brand identity - a distinctive logo, colour palette, font and vibe – that captured the ethos of my business. Putting it all together however, to create the content I needed, was a different case. Armed with my new Canva subscription and a gut feel for how all this would look, I realised that my design skills weren’t going to cut it this time.


Then I met Kim and discovered the yin to my yang.   

Kim is my creative partner. She is the one I turn to when my ideas are brewing. My logo and brand identity are my instrument, and Kim helps me to play it.


Like a song writing partner, Kim brings the riffs together, adds her embellishments, and arranges the tune I want to send to my audience. She helps me translate my thoughts and messages through the vibe of my brand identity and converts it into amazing content.


Working with Kim is exciting and our collaborative sessions are both insightful and productive. I’m always impressed by the quality, level of development, and turnaround Kim delivers.  


Kim listens to the ingredients of my ideas and supports me to shape them into the final product. I can always rely on Kim’s insight, feedback, and expertise to bring the professional polish to my concepts. Through her considered questioning, visual direction and diligence in understanding my vision, Kim has helped me to communicate with confidence and stand out in my field.


I trust in Kim to help me leverage and extend my brand.  She has elevated my business profile through the range of content she has created for me. I simply can’t wait to kickstart our next creative collaboration!"

Janine Weigtman

Founder of Knovolution

Knowledge Management Consultancy

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