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Destiny Creation

Scope of work:

Brand Identity Strategy & Design

Brand Positioning & Messaging

Logo & Icon Design

Website Concept Design

With over 40 years of investing experience Mark Yegge has a vast amount of knowledge to share and needed a coherent professional identity to reflect his expertise through a variety of online outlets.

We aren’t born with financial knowledge, and we aren’t taught it properly in our schools. Yet, we use money every day. Destiny Creation is the ecosystem created to correct the course of this problem.


With an online community, collection of courses and coaching on offer, Destiny Creation needed a brand identity that was dynamic and flexible, presenting their knowledgeable yet human approach in a premium way.


This one has been a challenge to get the balance right and a great opportunity to try a new sector in financial education.


​"Blown away. Kim is a genius. She took our multiple brands and thoughtfully and methodically built an identity with multiple layers. This process not only transformed our brand, but brings our customers closer to what we can do for them in their financial journey.


Listen, I started out NOT knowing how it would end, but I trusted Kim, her creativity and her process and in the end, was just amazed at the results she produced. I would highly recommend Kim and suggest that if you are going to do anything involving branding, you collaborate with Kim Youdan.


Thank you again, Kim. "

Mark Yegge

CEO & Founder of Destiny Creation

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