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Hypnosis Coaching Academy

Scope of work:

Brand Identity Strategy & Design

Brand Positioning & Messaging

Logo & Badge Design

Template Creation

Print Design

The founders of the Hypnosis Coaching Academy needed a flexible system of visual communication to support their transition to an online hub of education offers.


Moving from in person workshops to a fully remote business, HCA needed a coherent communication system that attracted curious explorers of personal development, personal growth and NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming).


Due to the nature of personal development and people expanding their comfort zones, we explored the idea of representing the brand through expansive photography and the use of merit badges - associated with outdoor adventure.

Three bold colours supported by a neutral cream hue were employed to add a spirit of growth, innovation and mystic.


A strong triangle symbol stands at the peak of this visual identity representing the three areas of focus for the business and a symbol of higher perspective. 


The primary elements of this brand come together creating an overall bold and confident essence for the education service they provide.


"It is extremely refreshing to work with, a highly-skilled, artistic creative who also operates with such a high degree of professionalism.


Kim's work is beautiful and she met every deadline ahead of schedule.


Her willingness to receive our requests for modifications, and then respond with both positivity and excellent work (all with the patience of a saint) is remarkable!

Kim's ability to assist us in clearly describing our brand identity and then transform our abstract notions into beautiful visual design elements that perfectly expressed the spirit of our mission is nothing short of awesome."

Darren Miller

Founder of Hypnosis Coaching Academy

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