Scope of work:

Visual Identity Expansion

Brand Positioning

Web Design

Content Creation

James and Sandra, partners in crime for Momentus - a coaching consultancy for individuals and teams - had an existing logo that they wanted to retain but were lacking other design elements to create cohesion within their brand. An expansion of visual assets was required to provide consistency across all touch-points of their business.

Using the business values and bold approach in coaching we began to explore the possibilities.


The existing logo provided inspiration for a set of icons that were developed to identify service offerings and values. Never seen in isolation but sprinkled through the digital footprint of the Momentus brand to build recognition and show consideration to the audience that consumes their content.



“Kim first got in touch with me to offer some free tips about business branding and how to make an impact with customers. What she sent then was really helpful and was just the tip of the excellent work that followed!

Our conversation continued and at no point did Kim try a hard-sell or try to push me towards anything. Her enthusiasm, professionalness and all-round lovely manner meant that when the time can for me to consider my own business branding, I reached out to Kim. Then the magic started!

Kim wasted no time in understanding more about my company, what it does, who to, etc. She added a lot of valuable insight, ideas and challenge. Our project together soon grew from a refresh of the branding colours and style, to coming up with new icons, imagery, copywriting, web design and brochure designs.

Working with Kim has accelerated the business forward, given me the confidence and increased motivation to shout about my business and have fun with it! And I have proof that the new branding works - I used some of the styles and ideas in a business proposal to a new prospective client to work with their Board - the proposal was agreed on first review, no questions, no negotiation. A simple YES. If you want more YES' in your business - speak to Kim” 

James Perryman,

Founder of Momentus