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Ben Birchall

Scope of work:

Brand Identity Strategy & Design

Brand Positioning & Messaging

Logo & Icon


With a few strings to his bow and a plethora of experience working with visionary leaders, Ben needed a personal brand with a focus on his consulting business.


Using Ben’s current portfolio career and endeavours as a social entrepreneur, author and culture HR consultant, we focussed on his personal approach to all of these interests and vocations, finding a common thread in order to communicate a core message.


Ben's a people person with a focus on bringing out the best in the individual for the good of the team.


A bright and bold identity was required to pack a punch and enable Ben to stand out in a saturated HR and culture consultancy landscape.

With a precise idea of philosophy and approach to work, having written a book, Ben's clarity helped bring this idea to life and allowed the design features to be developed through a clear understanding of his value and offer.



“Kim is great to work with! She is genuinely interested in helping you to achieve the right brand for you.


She is proactive and professional. She stimulates your thinking and turns your thoughts into exceptional outputs.


I found the process of developing my personal brand with Kim both easy and enjoyable and would definitely recommend working with her.” 

Ben Birchall

Social Entrepreneur, Author, Consultant

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