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December Six

I started this year with an idea of sharing a monthly curation of ideas. Not a newsletter but a love letter. I heard a description of love once...that it's spelt T. I. M. E. This has always stuck with me. The following six ideas are what I’ve been inspired by and curious about this month. Spending time deepening my thoughts and questioning. An interesting idea in itself. Thanks for being here . I hope you've had a brilliant Christmas and are looking forward to what 2023 brings!

Tis The Season for Wintering This months book club read was Wintering by Katherine May. A bit depressing to be honest and not one I’d recommend but it did get me thinking about seasons and the energy they bring, or don’t bring. I got lost down a rabbit warren of internet clicks...a couple of interesting things I found when snooping for seasonal snippets: 5 Element Theory > 8 Fold Division > The book I’m not recommending. Wintering >


Brand. Not Bland With three bottles of lovely gin in my cupboard, why on earth do I want to buy the limited release Hendrick’s Neptunia Gin? Here’s Why >


Regional Song I learned recently that the word accent means Regional Song. How brilliant is that! So descriptive and full of character. This scrap of information bought to life - yet again - my curiosity of etymology. I learned this tidbit from a guest on The Joe Marler Show, Tom Read Wilson. The episode: About Words, How to improve your vocabulary and the origin of swearing is a hoot and very informative. I’ve been stalking Tom Read Wilson ever since. The Joe Marler Show > Tom Read Wilson on Instagram >


An Idea About Words Setting a theme and choosing a word for the upcoming 12 months has been a habit of mine for the last few years. The chosen word is intended to help guide action and energy for the next chapter. I’ve written some words about this process. Word of The Year >


Pure Colour Don’t you just love a second hand book shop? Goodness me I do. I nabbed my latest bargain at the Stourhead National Trust charity book shop for £3! Not only am I pleased as punch with my purchase, those pounds will go towards dormouse facilities. I wasn’t quite clear on how the contribution would be spent, that's not the point, I feel very good about the cause and popped in a couple of extra quid. £5 is a still a bargain. Pure Colour by Jane Cumberbatch is now at home with me. As well as an interior style guide, Pure Colour is a page turning coffee table addition and a visual treat for inspiration and new ideas. A couple of ideas that have taken up headspace recently:

  • No colour should stand alone,

  • Combining whites isn't bland.

At this stage I'm unsure what to do with these thoughts. That's ok. More time marinading is required before action is needed.


New Year in November Last month we took our annual New Year trip in November. A time to reflect on the last 12 months and project for the next 12. New Year in November >


Once again, wishing you all the best for the next 12 months and a flying start to January 2023. Lv Kim xx


SIX is a monthly collection of creativity to fuel the flow of ideas & inspire curiosity. Share it with your people if you think they'd like it too.



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