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June SIX

"The greatest creative people are great precisely because that hold onto a childlike simplicity and urge to question everything." - Sir John Hegarty


Is Edible Tape a Good Idea? Starting off with something pretty wacky if you ask me, certainly childlike, as Mr Hegarty say above. I'm not so sure about edible tape but the following got me curious..."Fibrous edible scaffold with an organic adhesive. In English: it's sticky, you can eat it, and it's good for the environment". Tastee Tape > What the Guardian Says (scroll down 50%) >


The Humble Card Deck I was writing an article about the other day and made the analogy with a deck of cards. The article is not important but this simple analogy sent me down a rather enjoyable rabbit hole of design discovery! Beautiful, tangible playing card design. The combination of black, white and red, endless ideas and quirky execution kept me within this internet rabbit warren for longer than I’d like to admit. The repetitive aesthetic of small items, similar yet different, displayed together in a collection, always appeals to me. Playing cards are a winning example of this type of curation. Here are some of my favourites from that exploration: Circus Theme > Dogs on Cards > Stickmen > 4 Kingdoms >


Camera Selfies Cameras taking selfies - yep! A odd concept until you see this array of gorgeous images. Another collection to admire. Photographer J. F. Novotny > Full Collection In a Oner >


Ideas & Identity In our world of creativity, full to the brim with people thinking, doing, being and brooding; ideas are in abundance. Here's an idea...give your idea an identity. “Why does my idea need an identity?” If you want your idea to stand out and be memorable, determining the characteristics of that idea will help. 3 Reasons Why Your Idea Needs An Identity >


Walking as Creative Fuel Walking is free, and according to Maria Popova, and a few other clever people it’s also creative fuel. Learn More >


Word Association Don’t ask me how I came across this tool. Another chaotic click through internet session. A ramble through the world of the web. Not a waste of time, the internet really is a plentiful place. VisuWords is an interactive “online visual dictionary” showcasing the web of a word. It’s fun and may become your go to internet glossary. Look at the lexicon >


Thank you for reading . If you get the urge, feel free to pass on these prose to friends or family. Until next month, be curious, be creative, Lv Kim xx


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