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Four Ways To Make Deeper Connections

Do you know how your audience feels?

What they want, what they need, what they desire?

Archetypes are a tool we use to understand customer desires - how they feel now - and how you as a brand can position yourself to answer these desires - how they feel after.

A question of connection followed by differentiation.

Today we’re looking at connection. What desires your customers have and how we can connect with them most effectively in order to meet their needs.

A tool for connection

The archetype framework is our choice of tool. Archetypes have been around for a while now, first coined in the early 20th century by Carl Jung. Archetypes are grounded in decades of psychological research and have their roots in Greek mythology. In branding, they help us craft a brand personality that connects with our audience.

There are 12 recognised profiles within the archetype framework, each designed to answer a specific customer need. But don’t try to use all of the archetypes. Most brands are a blend of two, maybe three at most. Personalities are complex, but we don’t want to overcomplicate things.

Understanding our brand archetype helps give us clarity on how we can deliver our message. Whether we want to beef up the boldness and incite a revolution, or simplify a complicated situation and add some humour. Keeping the balance of simple yet stimulating is key.

“When we consider that certain behaviours or personalities increase certain desires, we can understand why some personalities appeal to us more than others.”

12 profiles may seem overwhelming, I get it. Which is why I’ve grouped them into four categories that capture the overall direction you may be taking with your business: exploring spirituality, leaving a legacy, providing structure or creating connection.

Are you Exploring Spirituality?

Archetype: The Innocent

Tapping into the desire of safety

Other attributes: Exhibits youth and optimism

Archetype: Sage

Tapping into the desire of understanding

Other attributes: helping the world gain wisdom

Archetype: The Explorer

Tapping into the desire of freedom

Other attributes: wants to have new experiences

How this might translate for your brand…

Brands that Explore Spirituality are looking to incite a sense of positive reassurance.

Do you want to Leave a Legacy?

Archetype: The Rebel

Tapping into the desire of liberation

Other attributes: craves revolution and breaking the rules

Archetype: The Magician

Tapping into the desire of power

Other attributes: making dreams a reality

Archetype: The Hero

Tapping into the desire of mastery

Other attributes: exhibits courage and is inspirational

How this might translate for your brand…

Brands that aspire to Leave a Legacy are looking to tap into big energy, an aspirational desire of their audience. These brands want to incite action in a deliberate way.

Are you Providing Structure?

Archetype: The Caregiver

Tapping into the desire of service

Other attributes: leaning on their need to nurture

Archetype: The Ruler

Tapping into the desire of control

Other attributes: creates order from chaos

Archetype: The Creator

Tapping into the desire for innovation

Other attributes: Problem solvers! Driven to build things of meaning and value

How this might translate for your brand…

Brands that Provide Structure are looking to create a sense of security and transparency within the realm of change.

Is Creating Connection your primary goal?

Archetype: The Everyman

Tapping into the desire of belonging

Other attributes: cultivating togetherness

Archetype: The Lover

Tapping into the desire of intimacy

Other attributes: inspires love, romance and commitment

Archetype: The Jester

Tapping into the desire of enjoyment

Other attributes: bringing humour and irreverence to the fore

How this might translate for your brand…

Brands that endeavour to Create Connection want to bring people together.

What next?

If you’d like to discuss these desires in more detail why not book a 30 minute call to share your thoughts and uncover more of what these archetypes could mean for your brand.


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