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April SIX

The idea of SIX - Stuff I'm eXploring - is to add to your stream of ideas.

Let me know if anything hits the spot!


A Newspaper for the Imagination Last month I spent a very chilled week in North Wales. It was that week of beautiful weather, yep, lucked out! The day before we left home the first edition of The Southwester landed on my door mat. Perfect timing. This paper - a print only newspaper - is a joy to read and I devoured it in a day. Positioning itself as a newspaper for the imagination, it delivers. I was stimulated and inspired. All words written for The Southwester are for The Southwester only. I really like that print only aspect but it does make things tricky to share. Rob Hopkins wrote a captivating article about a framework created by Rob Shorter, The Imagination Sundial. A framework “to rebuild the imaginative capacity of people, organisations or nations[...] in a time of imaginative decline at the very time in history when we need to be at our most imaginative.” Just that sentence inspires further investigation! Thankfully Rob Hopkins wrote another article about the sundial which I can share with you. Navigate Your Imagination >


Colourful Curiosity For this weeks colourful curiosity I wanted to share with you The New Happy. Stephanie Harrison combines thought provoking ideas with colourful infographics, helping us reframe and normalise a variety of situations which seem daunting at the time. A positive addition to your social media feed. Start Reframing >


4 Loops That Cause Creative Struggle This quadrant of ideas may help when you get stuck. Which Kind of Creative Are You? >


Idea Trumps Budget I tend to agree when people say Photorealism is not creative, just skilful. But when you combine high level skill with a creative concept that blows your mind, that’s another story. I’ve been following New York based, Australian artist CJ Hendry for a few years. She’s bringing her work to London next month and I have to say, I'm giddy. All Hendry’s shows are beyond brilliant. From a warehouse sized bouncy castle, custom made to look like a padded cell with a series of Rorschach drawings to finish; to a fake beach and Aussie Slang card game developed specifically for the artwork. It sounds a little unbelievable doesn't it? Scroll through her Instagram account and you’ll get a good idea of how she operates. So to London, and her latest exhibition, Epilogue. CJ has renovated a disused church - still owned by The Church of England - to showcase her new series of work, and again, construct an epic experience for all who want to spend a snippet of time in her world. She recently said “idea trumps budget” when asked about the investment into the exhibition concepts. It's going to be a great show! Epilogue New Testament Church of God, Milend, East London. 12 - 22 May 2022 Photorealism and More >


Experience Sometimes we need permission, a nudge, an inspirational quote to inspire us to take action. Sometimes I just need to be told what to do: “Go out in the word and proactively seek experiences that will spark creative thinking. Interact with experts and immerse yourself in unfamiliar environments…” Creative Confidence by Tom & David Kelley Creative Confidence is a handbook, workbook and playbook for anyone working in collaboration. The website is full of resources, tools and content. The book is full of advice, inspiration, stories and instruction. Explore Some Chapters >


Beyond Curious I finish April’s edition of SIX by sharing something I’ve been working on with a group of curious critters in my town, Bradford on Avon. Beyond Curious is a celebration of interesting ideas, new curiosities and people getting to know each other better. An eclectic range of talks by local people prompting you to think differently. From culture to colours, and from writing to wasps. It’s like TedX with a twist, literally…we’re laying on cocktails. So if you’re Wiltshire based and fancy an afternoon of ideas and inspiration, check out what we’ve been up to. I’m Curious >


Which SIX piqued your interest? Anything saved for further exploration? What made you think twice? Any ideas spark? Let me know :) Until next month, be curious, be creative, Lv Kim xx

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