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Through my creative endeavours I'm on a mission to inspire people to live full and creative lives. I choose to do this by creating artwork! Hand-painted photography and more recently digital art inspired by colour 

I am continually impressed by the innovation around me, my standard of living is improved as I experience and witness different artistic feats. The creation of ideas fascinates me and the development of artwork and other creative outlets is a big inspiration for my own work.


The technique of combining photography and abstract colour is currently my way of communicating experiences and I endeavour to inspire you, as other creatives have inspired me. Colour is my language, photography gets me all excited and mixing the two creates something that satisfies my soul. From architecture, landscape, wildlife and people, I use my own experiences of travel to create artwork which pops!

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With a degree in photography and digital imaging Kim has developed her mixed media technique using photography as the foundation for her work. As a nomadic artist, Kim brings together her passions of art, photography and travel. Her approachable and colourful creations instil viewers with feelings of nostalgia through fond memories and generates wanderlust for future endeavours. 

Here she is in a slightly more serious mode talking about her work...



Travelling without a camera gives me anxiety! I love to photograph my subject and I spend time composing images and gathering inspiration. I also really enjoy the process of post production manipulation where I experiment with composition and transform images into high contrast black and white.


I rarely shoot in monochrome and I feel shooting in full colour represents my research in a complete way. Within the post production phase I work backwards uncovering details in black and white. Photographs can really change when the saturation is reduced and more contrast is applied, I compare this process to painters who prime their canvas's!



When it comes to adding colour during the hand-painted approach to crating work, the process varies with each project and with each piece. I may spend weeks constructing the collaboration in my head before building paint onto the photograph, on the other hand the way I add colour may come from a flash of inspiration or an instinctive response to the image or experience I've had.

Working solely in digital and combining bold blocks of colour to the image is a slightly different approach and I tend to pick out colours from the original image and use a blanket approach, creating a certain feeling with a limited palette. 

The colour combinations I use can also be heavily influenced by the culture of each place I visit. The research I do during the exploration and photography phase of my process is hugely important to building a colour context which compliments the work and builds the project.

Travel has always been part of my life and incorporating the vibrancy of a place into my artwork is what I strive to do. I want to immerse myself into a culture and create a sense of that place, colour is the perfect tool to do this.



The stages of my work; photography, ideas and research, followed by practical studio time, has created a manageable balance and a great flow to my creative process. Nomadic living -as brilliant and inspiring as it is- brings many challenges but the process I have chosen bring out the best in both my creative self and the traveller.


By incorporating a staggered routine to my art practise and prioritising travel, I have allowed myself the best chance of absorbing many cultures which has been hugely valuable. Continuously moving into different circumstances gives me a constant source of ideas and inspiration.


I may settle down one day but I can't see it happening just yet!

inspiring people to live full and creative lives

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Kim is currently in the UK, follow her travels HERE


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