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Alderson Fundraising

Scope of work:

Brand Identity Strategy & Design

Brand Positioning & Messaging

Logo & Icon Design

Web Design

The founder of Alderson Fundraising, Helen Alderson, had recently started her own venture and needed a brand identity to communicate her purpose and a website to build credibility.

With a reputation and credibility already in the fundraising space Helen could well have gone down the personal brand route, but with a vision of building a team and creating a larger offering the decision was made to create a business brand rather than a personal brand.

With an initial focus on core message, language and brand personality we determined that Helen's bold approach to problem solving was where her reputation had been developed.


From that inspiration a bright colour palette was where we focused. We created a set of assets that represented Helen's personal approach, block colour, direct arrows and symbolic illustrations that could be adapted to present a number of service offerings.

The bright and bold visual identity is supported by the brand personality and tone of voice, caring, creative, warm, intelligent and uplifting are all woven through the development of this brand. Resulting in an approachable and positive experience for the third sector audience that Helen attracts through her work.


"Working with Kim was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. We asked Kim to create our entire branding and website from scratch, with a minimal brief (we had no idea at all what we wanted), and what she produced was nothing short of phenomenal.

As part of the branding, Kim really delved into the strategy side of things, and actually helped us get a clearer understanding of exactly what our business was, and what we wanted it to be. She listened and gave constructive feedback and our calls were always a pleasure to be a part of. She delivered each milestone ahead of time, giving clear explanations of the thinking behind each suggestion.

The end product was something that we are incredibly proud of. Our branding and website is exciting, clean, instantly recognisable, and something that helps us stand out from the competition. I would implore you to work with Kim on your next design project."

Helen Alderson

Founder of Alderson Fundraising

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