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From the first spark of a bright idea to a complete brand identity,

I help bring businesses to life. Reshaping and refining to help you communicate with concise, creative, coherence.


Brand Identity Strategy & Design

Working with purpose-driven businesses to help them gain ownership of their messaging and clarity over their strategy.

In an exercise of exploration and imagination, we go beyond design to build a dynamic brand identity that reflects their aspirations, grows with their ambitions and connects

with their audience.

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For the makers, the creators - the people like me - the idea shapers.

SIX is not just another newsletter.

SIX is a love letter. 

A love letter to creativity, exploring all of its guises!  

Cultivate a creative mindset

by adding to your stream of ideas.

Stuff I'm Exploring

You could argue that I’ve been learning about creativity all my life. With a dialled up degree of curiosity over the last 5 years-or-so, I thought it about time to put the exploring I do to good use.

I've started to write again and here are some words...