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From the first spark of a bright idea to a complete brand identity,

I help bring businesses to life. Reshaping and refining to help you communicate with concise, creative coherence.


Brand Identity Strategy & Design

I partner with purpose-driven businesses like yours, helping to hone ideas and streamline strategy for greater clarity and impact.


In an exercise of exploration and imagination, we go beyond design to build a dynamic brand identity that reflects your aspirations, grows with your ambitions and connects with your audience.

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For the makers, the creators - the people like me - the idea shapers.

SIX is not just another newsletter.

SIX is a love letter. 

A love letter to creativity, exploring all of its guises!  

Cultivate a creative mindset

by adding to your stream of ideas.

Stuff I'm Exploring

You could argue that I’ve been learning about creativity all my life. With a dialled up degree of curiosity over the last 5 years-or-so, I thought it about time to put the exploring I do to good use.

I've started to write again and here are some words...


Book a 30 minute Chemistry Call with Kim and discover the spark to set your brand alight!

By the end of this call you'll have one or two focus areas, bespoke to your business, which will guide your next steps in building your brand.

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