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Visiting London is tantalising, chaotic and enthralling, the atmosphere is buzzing. This series is influenced by the patriotic colours of the Union Jack and the colour culture that certainly represents British people - bright and bold.


This famous London attraction makes the sky line very unique and is recognised across the world. Colour combinations directly taken from the Union Jack represent many aspects of our Britishness, especially in pop culture. 


Crimson red and Royal blue featured here is certainly influenced by the colour combinations of the famous flag which is hard to avoid around London, especially the tourist hotspots featured in this series.


Part of the 'London' series.


Please note the framed pictures are for illustration purposes only. Each print has a 3 inch plain border around the printed image.  


  • Signed Fine Art Print



    Fine art signed print on heavyweight archival paper, choose the perfect size for your space.


    Each print is signed and registered with the Fine Art Trade Guild. Registration confirms that all prints are created using materials that conform to the Fine Art Trade Guild standards for printing. Open ended edition

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