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Why Creatives Should Travel

Say YES to that next trip, weekend away or go one better and plan long term travel.

Humans are inherently creative, its in our nature and travel is the perfect past time for coaxing out our best ideas and exploring ways to express ourselves. Whether it’s photography and painting like me, or something not traditionally thought of as creative. Maybe you’re a keen gardener, an entrepreneur or a software developer. These all have elements of creativity and problem solving, and creativity needs juice!

This quick article goes into my experience of why creative people should travel, even if you don't see yourself as a creative, trust me you have a brain which means you are creative!

Author of Big Magic - one of my all time favourite books!!

Finding the Juice

Get out there and hunt for it. A new place, a different view, get amongst another culture. All these things will bring ideas to the surface, revitalise your senses and make your brain work harder.

Ideas may lie dormant if they are not coaxed out by new experiences, new sights and bright lights. Travel will spark the initiative to start projects or provide solutions to develop existing ideas you may already have.

I mentioned gardening earlier as I’m in Japan at the moment and the Japanese LOVE their gardens. They are beautiful beyond anything I have seen. I’m sure Japan would be a huge inspiration for people who love their patch of green back at home.

If inspiration isn’t first on your list of reasons to travel it will certainly catch you at some point, smack you in the face, inspire your next trip or give you a business idea. Thats the exciting thing - you will never know until you go.

Not sure where to go? Grab a globe, open a map or get online to find your next destination!

Change of Scenery

As they say, ‘a change is as good as a holiday’. I’m not sure who ‘they’ are, but they come up with some good shit.

Changing your location shakes things up. It can be overwhelming at times, the unexpected will probably happen but it’s refreshing and it's an adventure! We all need some adventure in our lives to push our boundaries.

Travel doesn't feel like a holiday - it’s not meant to. It can be exhausting, frustrating and depending where you go and what language is spoken, very confusing!


Getting out of your comfort zone is a sure fire way to experience many different things in one go. The smallest of things can start a snowball effect and stretch your imagination. Even if you’re a planner, unexpected things will happen which is always good to experience, good for us to think on our feet, react and make a plan B.

Who’s There

Meeting different people is also a big part of travel. You're not going to become a mute when you leave your comfort zone so rather than idle chit chat, have a proper conversation and dig a little deeper - it’s an ideal way to see other perspectives and learn a thing or two about where you are. #everydaysaschoolday.

I say different people instead of ‘new’ people. Travel means connecting with people from different cultures, cities and faiths - all factors that shape people. They live different lives and have different lifestyles. Putting yourself in situations with ‘Johnny foreigner’ may surprise you, intrigue you and ignite further exploration into countries and culture.

There are huge benefits to interacting with people outside the usual suspects. The creative part of our brain will subconsciously be working hard. Push yourself and your confidence will sore.

These ‘different’ people can be found across town or in the next county. The further we go the more challenging the experience is. The further we go the more we stretch ourselves and the more we learn about ourselves.

We met Rudi in Inuyama, Japan. What a character he was! A corporate high flier in the US who retired and decided to open a bar so that he could met new people. We talked and danced whilst he kept our glasses filled up!

Open your Eyes

Creative block is something we creatives are all too familiar with; but it can be the most insignificant thing that breaks through. Sometimes we don't even know the blocks are there and we get the *ah-ha* moment. As I said earlier ideas can be coaxed out: slowly or suddenly in unexpected places and during unexpected situations.

Observation is powerful. Talking art for a second, a lot of Leonardo Da Vinci’s work is realised by close observation which is clear in his work. On the other hand observation doesn't always convert to realism. Lines and shapes stolen from the natural world quickly become abstract when rearranged and influenced by other factors #foodforthought

There is inspiration everywhere! Food, history, shopping, nature, architecture, music and of course my favourite - COLOUR! Colour combinations always attract me, that's my thing, what's your thing when you travel? What inspires you the most?

My Tip

Always have something handy to record ideas. A notepad, phone, camera or if you’re really fancy talk into a voice recorder. Saying ideas out loud can make them more real and it’s quicker to get the details down.

To sum up, heres quick fire list of 8 Reasons Creatives should Travel:

  1. Meet New People

  2. Learn new perspectives

  3. Have different conversations

  4. Expand your comfort zone

  5. Provides a break from routine

  6. Revitalise your senses

  7. Break through creative blocks

  8. Inspiration!

Happy Travels Everyone!

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