Vision On Gallery

Inspired by Japan and brought to life through colour culture.

Two years ago I created a body of work inspired by a 6 week trip to Japan. A few remaining pieces from that series have been selected by ARTbound to exhibit in Hebden Bridge until the middle of August. It's great to see these works being shown together in a beautiful town and in a great space for art.

Exhibition blurb...

This exhibition of hand painted photography is inspired by the colour culture in traditional kimono design and the changing landscape throughout Japan.

Having spent 6 weeks exploring the country and experiencing nuances of Japanese culture, I created a body of work influenced by the seasonal colour combinations used throughout traditional kimono design.

Marrying these two elements represents my own experience whilst combining the importance of colour in the Japanese culture, in particular the consideration taken when designing a true icon of Japan - the kimono.

As I travelled from the northern island of Hokkaido to the island of Honshu, I started to build a portfolio of imagery, landscape, people, nature and city. Learning about the culture was also high on my agenda during this time and it wasn’t until after we left Japan that I started to bring my experience and my research together. I really like to let the experience sit for a while before acting on my creative instincts.

In addition to the larger artwork the exhibition also includes some smaller works from my postcard art project from 2017 also inspired by Japan! I loved creating these miniatures and it's really cool to exhibit a range of work all inspired by my time in Japan.

Postcard art, japan, hand painted photography
Japan Inspired Artwork from the 100 Days of Postcard Art, 2017