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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

It’s been two years since I’ve been popping into your inbox with various art news, photography and travel insights, I feel it’s about time I upped my game!

My last update included a trio of short videos and I got some great feedback with a lot of you enjoying those insights. With that in mind here is an update of when I returned to North Wales last week...

Next up, a two minute look at the recent artwork I've been creating...

I have LOVED creating this series named 'Vegueta' inspired by Old Town Las Palmas.

Getting a birds eye view in any city is one of my favourite things, I wanted to capture a wider view of the old town before homing in on narrow streets and local activity. I'll be showing more of this 12 piece series in the coming weeks and sharing more about the inspirations on my Facebook and Instagram - keep your eyes peeled!

Artwork. Hand Painted Photography
Three works from my new Vegueta' series. Hand Painted Photography, 2019

ERic Roth Quote, from the screen play of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,
Eric Roth, from the screen play of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,

Later today Jim and I fly back to Gran Canaria, having spent the best part of 6 months on the island last year. There is a lovely feeling of returning home. We will rejoin the remote community- old faces and new, seek out adventures and head back to our favourite hang-outs.

With a focus on photography for the next 2 months I have set myself a challenge, more on that next time!

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