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Time Flies or Time Fly's? Either Way I'm Having Fun

The last couple of weeks have flown by and I've squeezed a lot into that time. Thinking up ideas and creating new work, getting ready for the art trail this weekend and cultivating a creative environment which is where I love to be!   

First Up, New Work

I've been tearing up my photographic work to create a layered collage effect! Yes tearing it up! Combing some imagery that hasn't yet been painted on, some monochrome and also coloured photography.

Here's why...

My hand-painted process is done in stages and when I come to print the photography I tend to print a big selection of work and for one reason or another some of my images are never painted on, leaving me with a selection of imagery lying around the studio.

My crafty side well and truly came out during the last couple of weeks and I've been inspired by a couple of artists, one of which -Emily Filler- I've featured below.

Yes it took a few deep breaths before I would tear through my photography (those prints aren't exactly cheap) but once I jumped in I really enjoyed the effect of the teared edges and the exploration of combining different images.

More collage to come for sure!!

Artist Inspiration

The following three artists are my current favourites! I initially found them on Instagram and I love their unique ways of using photography in their work. Very different from my own approach but a huge inspiration for me.

Emily Filler

Mixed Media Collage Artsist.

Find her on Instagram @emilyfiller

Manuel Pita

Fine Art Photographer creating digital compositions.

Find him on Instagram @sejkko

Serge Hamad

Fine Art Photograpger 

Find him on Instagram @serge_hamad

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