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Our Drone has a name!

The North Devon Coast is the destination for the 'Youdan Family Annual Summer Shindig' (that's a mouthful). My mum originates from this part of the world and she loves to go back there each year to soak up the sea air and spend time with all the family.

A perfect opportunity to fly Tails, yep she has a name!

With wide expanse of beach and beautiful sunsets it was the perfect opportunity to be brave and fly the drone with some gusto! We had to be brave...with a count of 5 crashes under the belt (all Jim, not me) it wasn't for the faint hearted. Here's a 30 second insight showing you the scenes...

As well as filming we started testing the still imagery from the drone because -as you know- I love a birds eye view! The photography from Tails herself isn't the quality of my trusty Canon camera but for a non-commercial drone she's pretty dam good!

Views over Woolacombe Sands

Birds eye view of beach goers soaking up the sun

The 180 degree feature creates some interesting shots of the sun sea and sand!

More drone footage to come as we set off to Bulgaria in September!

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