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November SIX

Here we are again, the months are flying by! The following six ideas from various sources have got me thinking over the last few weeks. My hope is that they spark some curiosity for you too.


Live Longer, Better I’d bet we’ve all heard of greenhouses, yellow brick roads and rose tinted glasses. But what about Blue Zones? Blue Zones have been identified as places on our planet in which people live a long, wholesome and healthy life. Five specific places were sought out in the Blue Zone project, led by Dan Buettner, and nine commonalities tie these places together. This one in particular caught my eye: ”Moderate drinkers outlive non-drinkers.” Read More > Prefer video? Dan Buettner’s TED Talk >


One Balance Emre Erbirer poses the question “how did 'work', which takes up one-third of an average person's day, become equivalent to life?” What Emre Thinks >


Not All Noteworthy Quotes Come From Famous People

“When I don’t prioritise time to listen to myself, I don’t have the capacity to listen deeply to others.” - Melissa, a lady from my fortnightly meditation circle

A Collection for the Curious

This title caught my attention for obvious reasons. Mailchimp Presents is a collection of original content that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit.

In Finding Vivian Maier skip to minute four to see a montage of photos, it might inspire you to watch the full film.


Festive Design Bold design and festive cheer! What could be better at this time of year? I'm no poet but I do get flashes of inspiration from time to time. Susi Raymaker is, on the other hand, definitely a print maker. She uses bold design and bright colour in her printmaking process. And I love it. Cards For Christmas > Not necessarily for Christmas but one of my favourites >


Morning Ideas Finally, a recent ramble about morning routines and what I’m exploring right now >


Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday and all the festive feels for the month ahead. Lv Kim xx


SIX is a monthly collection of creativity to fuel the flow of ideas & inspire curiosity.

Share it with your people if you think they'd like it too :)



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