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No Ice on this Island!

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Exploring Iceland's Westfjords this summer was epic! Epic in the true sense of the word...the 'grand in scale' meaning rather than 'exceptionally long and arduous' meaning. Having said that some of the bus rides travelling to the remote parts of the fjords were pretty long and arduous on gravel roads, but now I'm rambling...on to the good stuff...

Here are my photographic diaries of 7 days sailing around and roaming into Iceland's Westfjords; enjoy!

No trip is complete without seeing a beautiful sunset, don't you agree?

The following images show Reykjavik, Iceland's capital city, the starting and finishing place of our trip. A small city but she packs a punch, a vibrant and creative hub with lots to see.

Lastly a couple of shots of me doing my thing, photo credit goes to my husband Jim, he's the chap in the photo above (black and white).

Here is where we sailed! Patreksfjordur was by far the most remote - those gravel roads I was talking about :-D

All copyrights belong to Kim Youdan, please do not use these images without permission.

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