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Mid May Update

Todays update includes some photography from a recent jaunt on the Emerald Isle, some upcoming highlights for summer art shows, my first foray into piloting a drone and finally a throwback Thursday. Put the kettle on and take a seat...

First Stop. Ireland

Ireland on an iPhone

Our honeymoon road trip was strictly (it should be) all play and no work. I didn't take my canon camera and was left with my iPhone to keep creative whilst exploring this awesome country.

Ireland gave us history lessons, beautiful scenery and amazing food, we struck gold and thanked our lucky shamrock for the weather, just glorious, sunshine always makes a difference.

What's in store for Summer

At the start of this year -as I have done for the past couple of years- I started to apply for opportunities to exhibit my artwork. It's great to submit, gain feedback and see what comes back...this year every submission -bar two- got accepted! That means I'm a very busy bee for the next few months. Here are a few I'm really excited about, click on the image for more details.

First up, a current exhibition in Hebden Bridge. I have worked along side ArtBound for about a year and chief curator Meg Oxford always puts on a great show in great spaces. This exhibition is no different. I have a selection of work from my Japan Series showing here until August. Read more about it HERE.

Coming up in June I have 'Fast February' accepted to exhibit at The London Bridge Hotel for the London Festival of Architecture. The event will last throughout June but my work is staying on display until early next year!

Cheltenham Open Studio Information

Mid June I'm heading back to Cheltenham to drink coffee and eat cafe...no no no...I mean talk about art and show my work at the Cheltenham Open Studios! Yes that's right, I'll be at Venue 53 on the trail map. Click above to find out more.

Ilkley Art Trail 2019 28-30 june

Back up north at the end of June for the Ilkley Art Trail, I'll be exhibiting at Manor House, hopefully theres cake!

Throwback Thursday

Remember when I did the 100 Days of Postcard Art? Back in April I was preparing for an exhibition showcasing my Japan work and decided to include some of the miniatures I created during this project in 2017. Many of these miniatures have gone to new homes but you can still see the full series HERE.

I hope I haven't over loaded you too much, I got a little excited having returned to work this week and back into the flow of things.

If you're in the UK have a fabulous long weekend, if you're not, you should be the weather has been gorgeous!

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