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Living a Creative Life

When was the last time you carved out some time to create? Create and not consume? Not necessarily in the traditional vocation of crafting, painting or picture taking, maybe writing, dancing, gardening?

I’m a big advocate of living a creative life because I really believe that when we create we tap into and use our unique spark. When using our problem solving and creative abilities we get into a state of flow, we express ourselves in a productive way, we get down to our true self and we are happier because of it.

I was gifted a book recently Steven Pressfields ‘The War of Art’ I’ve sped through it and love the approach of short chapters and relatable scenarios. Pressfield has reinforced my belief of creating as a way of life. He talks about resistance showing up in all sorts of ways...procrastination, drama, self sabotage. If you have any inclination to act on a creative intuition and you're having trouble taking some action, I’d certainly recommend this book - and I don't recommend things too often!

Art Reveal

Now onto some of my own words...in a recent interview I did with Anne Grahm at Art Reveal magazine, I expand on my inspirations, challenges, current situation as an artist and future endeavours. Read the whole article HERE and skip to the very end to find my interview - thats what comes from having a Y surname :-D   

Coffee, Cake & Art?

YES PLEASE! I'm really excited to be in Cheltenham showing my work as part of the Open Studios event for the next 10days (8-16 June) If you're local it would be great to see you at Number 85 Coffee & Kitchen where I've taken over their wall space!

I've been framing, wrapping and hanging, heres a little insight...

and of course I can't do this all on my own so I roped in a little helper :-)


How are you going to carve out some time to be creative in the next few days? I'll leave you with this...

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