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Less Travel, More Art & Photography

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Hello and how is your March going?

As I'm settled here in Gran Canaria for a few weeks I bring less travel news but more art and photography updates. Here we go...

Art Collaboration

I have recently contributed for the second time to the online and print magazine CreativPaper. Jimmy and Jefferson are so passionate about what they do and it's been an absolute pleasure to work with them a second time.

The article 'Cuba Life' is centred around my experience in Cuba last year, digging a little deeper on how and why my self expression has developed in my work. Jump to page 110 to read my contribution CreativPaper's issue 13.

Photography Challenge

It's been two weeks since my last update so that mean's two photography challenges are under my belt. 

The first Challenge '36 Images of a Bench' was inspired by the experience of Alessandra Sanguinetti 'Something Out of Nothing' which I found in 'The Photographers Playbook'. 

36 images is A LOT and this challenge did much more than expand my creativity in image making, it really got me thinking about how our built environment enables our chosen lifestyle. It was interesting to ponder these things whilst waiting to capture people in the area. I started looking at the bench itself, composing interesting images but then I stepped back and looked at what was going on around the bench.

I didn't have a crazy breakthrough of creative insight but I did appreciate how one intention can lead to something unexpected, a creative outlook always helps! Below are 6 images from the challenge which stood out as some of my favourites.

Challenge two. 'The Shape of Vegueta'

Inspired by Brandon Lattu and his wall mounted sculpture my second challenge was to use imagery outside of the traditional photography dimensions. I wanted to experiment with proportions, angles and play with edges.

I ventured back to old town Las Palmas to capture architecture, seek out interesting angles and create photography that I could then experiment with during a post production phase on my computer. The boundaries of the challenge were set and as I manipulated the image I wanted to introduce some graphic elements. Here are some of the results...

It was inspiring to experiment with my photography in this way, I can certainly see my design influence come through! More to come in the future me thinks.

Catch you in a couple of weeks with a couple more photography challenges and if you want to jump on the bandwagon and do your own image making I'd love to hear about it!

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