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**One from the archives March 2018**

I get asked quite a lot if my hand-painted photography is created in photoshop? Is it all digital? It isn't and when I say it's hand painted photography, all confusion goes away. With this question being raised quite often it wasn’t going to be long until I tried it out!

With the accessibility of technology and new platforms popping up every 5 minutes, digital art has since become more popular and I've definitely been inspired by a few artists using this media. Here are a couple of my favourites:

When. Where. Why

A few weeks ago Jim and I went with some friends to the Isle of Holbox (pronounced Holbosh). It was there, in-between the Caribbean Sea and The Gulf of Mexico that the island of Holbox inspired me to create!

Holbox is full of colour, it was hard not to be influenced by the range of murals and abundance of creativity on the island, it was there I started playing around with the in built camera app on my phone.

Whilst I love the hand painted technique I have developed, it isn't exactly a quick fix when I wanted to express myself there and then. iPhone 7 to the rescue!

Some of my first experiments on my iPhone, from photo to digital art.

Using the limited colour palette and tools on the built in camera app, was a simple way for me to adjust the image, block out colour and play with composition. It's a great way to get a visual image of an artwork tested out really fast.

These first experiments have inspired the search of more developed apps for digital art and researching other digital artist I use my own technique of building colour into the monochrome composition, a different approach to other digital artists.

More examples of later work comparing an initial image with the digitally edited image. Great to experiment with another avenue of creativity and so accessible using my iPhone, watch this space! I'm sure theres more to come...

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