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Todays update includes a handful of inspiration. Sharing and update from me and a couple of shares from other creatives that I've enjoyed reading about and been inspired by.

First of all a little announcement that I'd like to share...

I'm in a Book!

I'm so proud to announce that my work and a few written words of mine, have been selected to be part of a creative collaboration.

The book is called 'Quotes' curated by Mike Healy and Andy Wild who describe it as "the work of 68 contemporary artists, each of whom were asked to select a quote by someone famous, explain why that quote resonates with them and then select an example of their own work that best exemplifies their text."

Read my contribution to the book HERE.

Artist Inspiration - Daniela White

I have shared Daniela's work before - if you've been with me a while you may remember my weekly 'Friday Favourites' email sharing my favourite of the week from 5 different topics.

Daniela's work hits a real sweet spot with me. I love the graphic elements and use of colour. I sought out Daniela's work again whilst looking for inspiration for the 'Photography Challenge' and I think it's certainly influenced a couple of my explorations into different styles.

Interior Inspiration

Your home is the ultimate way to express yourself! If you need some inspiration to 'Mix it up' ensuring art has a presence in your home, I'm pretty sure this post will spark some new ideas. I loved seeing the different interior styles and displays.   

Photography Inspiration

Inspiration from image makers themselves. A collection of beautiful rare cameras from J.F. Novotny

With a little nod to the selfie, I love the way J.F.Novotny has crafted these images with personality!

I hope you've enjoyed this update of inspiration. Catch you next time where I'll be returning from Ireland and exhibiting in the north of England!

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