• Kim Youdan

I'm in a book!

I am really proud to be selected to feature in this collective book curated by Andy Wild and Mike Healey. Along side 67 contemporary artists who have also been inspired by the words of other creatives.

Below is my chosen quote by Spanish artist Joan Miró and my following submission which was selected.

“I try to apply colours

like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music”

Joan Miró 1893-1983. Catalan painter, sculptor & ceramists.

Capturing imagery in a documentary style has been my creative outlet for many years. As time progressed photography wasn’t enough to satisfy my artistic expression. I have developed a hand-painted technique using two creative outlets which, when married together, is a direct response of my experience and satisfies my creative needs.

This quote by Joan Miró continually inspires my mixed media approach and resonates perfectly with my art practice. I apply colour to monochrome imagery, complimenting the subject and expressing my experience.

The detailed photograph is one element of the work and acts as the foundation. As I add colour in various abstract ways the imagery takes on further meaning. The combination is a response to the impact of that moment. The photograph captures the detail and I add the meaning, the essence and my self expression.

The colour palette is inspired by my environment, whether it be the cultural associations of certain colours or the immediate surroundings in nature and architecture.

The exploration of combining precision and abstract, the relationship between real and surreal and the shaping of imagery using colour will certainly continue with the guidance of Joan Miró.

Fastest February, 2017

Shibuya Series, 2017

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