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Time to Plan

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

The celebrations are over and the last Christmas chocolates have finally been consumed! January and February are all about planning for the ART year ahead. Todays update includes two trios.

First up, a trio of short snappy videos...

A couple of weeks ago I made my way to the North Wales coastline to explore and photograph Llandudno for an upcoming commission...

Next is an insight to the painting part of my process, putting acrylic ink to paper...

Last but not least a sneak peak into the loft studio where the magic happens! On this occasion I'm pottering like a mad woman. The music is loud as I measure frames, make notes, plan for upcoming opportunities and pass time in my creative corner - I love it!

I hope you have enjoyed these video insights. Jim and I head back to Spain later this month and I'll be focussing more on photography and documenting that process.

With that being said I'm dipping into three books right now which are helping the inspiration and ideas flow! 

'Art Photography Now' by Susan Bright was a text book I used heavily throughout my years studying photography and digital imaging, I bought the updated version after graduating and still find it insightful.

Charlotte Cotton's 'The Photograph As Contemporary Art' is a manual depicting a variety of photographers from many styles and eras, a great book to dip in and out of.

Finally 'The Secret Life of Colour' by Kassia St Clair which I bought last year. A really interesting read providing the history of certain hues, the significance of colour in culture and many interesting tales of invention and colour trends.

Here's to a happy hump day!

Till next time,

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