• Kim Youdan

Digital Art: Vietnam 1

In 2009 I visited the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam. I always look back on this day with such fond memories. A friend and I jumped into a water taxi and set off motoring between little boats in the floating market. A bustling atmosphere, surrounded by locals and a completely different way of life, I was enthralled.

A tourist with a big camera, I stuck out like a sore thumb but on this occasion as we sped through the water ways exploring the floating stalls and experiencing a vibrant Saturday morning nobody seemed to notice.

I have used these images in the past with my hand-painted technique, this time using my design influence to experiment a little further, stretch my memory as I look back in time to create a new set of imagery.

Three ways of creating an image has surfaced in this series from The Mekong Delta:

1 - Combining full colour and monochrome imagery (as per the first set of 3)

2 - Repetition with monochrome imagery (as per the 2nd set of images)

3 - Bold block colour and various transparencies combined with monochrome imagery (below)

To develop these styles I will continue to use a variety of combinations whilst adding block colour drawn directly from the original colour image.

Something as simple as altering the order and layout of the images can make a big difference. What do you prefer...2x2 (above) or a line of 4(below)? Or maybe not viewed as as set at all, preferring to single out each piece as an individual?

Displaying the work can make a big impact and it's something that I have been considering whilst creating these works of digital art.

More to come for sure!

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