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Cycle of Creative Seasons

You may have noticed that I usually make a connection to the time of year in the opening of my updates. I spent some time this week thinking about the reasons why.

I love the seasons.

The annual cycle of seasons and the physical change is something we can all relate to. The freshness of spring vs the cosiness of winter. It parallels with the seasons and cycles of a creative life. The way we constantly grow and change, the way we generate ideas. I'm really aware of my creative needs and how to incorporate change to satiate those needs.

With that being said a new season has recently taken shape in the form of the Photography Challenges I set myself a few weeks ago. 7 Challenges to push my comfort zone and experiment with different ways to use this creative tool.

Challenge 3 - Terracotta Red

In challenge 3 I limited myself to 10 images inspired by an assignment from Gus Powell. The assignment named 'Picasso’s Blue Period' - Pick a colour. That colour has to play out in every picture you make. Start with a big brush (a blue wall) and work your way to a very small one (blue nail polish). This can be done in the street, or when you are editing.

This Canarian terracotta was my chosen colour and not difficult to find across the island. The limitation to take 10 photographs was the thought provoking boundary. I wanted to include a variety of subjects and turned down many opportunities to document the colour.

Having similar attributes but very different context was interesting to think about. The reflection image (second left, bottom row) certainly sparked a thought process of the glass not being red but appearing to be so.

Challenge 4 - One Photograph. Three Titles.

Since the start of last year I've been learning Spanish, challenge 4 is inspired by that journey and a new perspective and appreciation for my own language, the English language. Challenge 4 is a play on words within the context of an image.

One photograph with three possible titles:

1 - Docks #7

2 - Blue. Blue. Bright Blue.

3 - He sits. He rarely sails...

How have the words effected the way I look at the image? How you look at the image? Which title resonates and connects? Which title makes you think more about the photograph? About the situation? About that moment in time?

"When a person looks at an photograph they cant help but think of themselves." - unknown

Feast Your Eyes on These!

The 100 best photographs ever taken without photoshop - according to Brightside.me. Click on the image and be amazed. Look out for the lizard playing a leaf guitar and the best flamingoes you'll ever see - just brilliant! 

Getting Above

Las Palmas may not be the prettiest town around, but getting a different perspective can certainly change that viewpoint. Seeking out a place above and beyond to get a wider view, to see MORE, to see pattern and repetition from another angle in an every day environment.

Removing ourselves and viewing things from far away can create more breathing space and time to think, we tend to slow down and contemplate when looking from afar.

Watching a miniature world tick by is therapeutic, can provoke alternative meaning, surreal maybe. Changing perspective can quickly alter our viewpoint not only from seeing in a different way but thinking in a different way.

I'm past half way with the Photography Challenge and with leaving Gran Canaria in two weeks time, my next update will round-up this time on the island with the final 3 challenges.

Until then, enjoy yourselves!

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