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Brand. Not Bland.

With three bottles of lovely gin in my cupboard, why on earth do I want to buy the limited release Hendrick’s Neptunia Gin?

Because they’ve latched onto my need to belong to a curious group of consumers.

In other words, the branding is brilliant and I desire it.

Hendrick’s Neptunia Gin pulls on my need to be a little quirky and do things differently. I’m aware of this, and at the time of writing very pregnant. I avoided the purchase.

Hendrick’s is a brand I admire...the design, the story, the product and the tone of voice, are all beautifully considered and coordinated to create a brand that I want to experience. That I want to be part of.

For example the tone of voice:

Back in September from The Unusual Times (the aptly named Hendrick’s blog) the expansion of the Hendrick’s brand voice was showcased to perfection within the announcement of the official opening party for London Cocktail Week.

Guests will be transported through an outlandish porthole into an otherworldly, underwater utopia – washing away their sins as they explore deep, dark, mystical corners. From a trance-like ‘Deep House’ musical happening, to a calming, reflective moment in a ‘Deep Sleep’ meditative nook, the curious will have moments for both self-discovery and sublime pleasure.
The Hendrick’s Secret Emporium of Underwater Delights, rewards curiosity with two delightful sessions – a consumer event for all cucumber companions will be setting sail from 6.30pm-9.30pm, swiftly followed by a late night trade party for on-trade guests from 10pm till late.

There are many elements of a business that need to work in order to create a successful brand. Hendrick's ticks a lot of boxes. Below I've outlined three boxes worth considering if you want to build an experience that draws people in, and drowns out competitors.


  • Brand positioning that places Hendrick's in a stand out market position,

  • A unique and consistent visual identity to ensure a recognisable brand. In-print and online,

  • A tone of voice that adds texture and character,

  • Considered touch points tuning into audience desires adding to the brand experience, for example branded crockery and a unique way to consume gin (experience),

  • Brand experience built on a foundation of strategy and design,

  • Event design supported by consistent brand identity.


Quality product = Returning customers

Returning customers = Brand expansion

Brand expansion = Time and budget for experimenting with other products

Experimenting with other products = wider catchment of customers

The above formula creates a snowball effect. When executed well can grow and sustain itself.


The narrative that underscores the Hendrick's brand is the common thread that ties the brand together. It's the foundation stone that has built the product thus informing the brand.

We've been telling stories to each other for millennia. It's our oldest and most truest form of communication. Brands that use the storytelling technique to create belonging within their words and pictures are going to succeed in creating a loyal following.

So whats your story?


Other brands that I'm drawn to due to their story, design, product placement, sense of humour or advertising:


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