• Kim Youdan

Bamboo Artwork

Is it Spring yet? In actual fact yes it is! Yesterday marked the official start of Spring - yay for the northern hemisphere!

Today I'm putting together a visual journey of the bamboo series I created two years ago! How has it been that long!

Inspired by Japan's natural landscapes and with a colour palette influenced by the traditional kimono colours of March, this series has a beautiful calming effect.

Now, depending on my mood bamboo reminds me either of the first signs of spring or a Chinese takeaway - I love those little bamboo shoots in a cashew nut chicken dish - now I’m salivating!

Springtime in Japan was awesome! I was immersed in Japanese nature, delicate bamboo was swaying in the wind and cherry blossom was blooming on every street corner BEAUTIFUL!

The following imagery takes you from my arrival in Japan through to idea conception and the finished artwork. I loved creating this Bamboo series, the fresh colours and soft monochrome photography are definitely better than cashew nut chicken!

Limited Edition Prints of this series are available to buy at kimyoudan.com/printshop

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