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August SIX

8 months down, 4 to go. Time flys. Thanks for being here . In our modern way of life the concept of time is never far away from our consciousness. I’ve been thinking more about that recently. In todays collection of curiosities time emerges as a common thread linking the following curation of ideas. One of the thrills of life is that you can actually choose how to use your time, I just I hope I haven’t wasted it by bringing these ideas to your inbox. Is time ever truly wasted? Let's dig in...


Four Thousand Weeks Do you find yourself needing to spend time wisely? Hang on, is time even ours to spend? A question Oliver Burkeman quite rightly raises in his book Four Thousand Weeks: Time management for mortals. Not a book full of new concepts but a reframing of ideas and the use of new language that made me think. It made me think more about leisure and hobbies actually… “But there is something heartbreaking about the nineteenth century Massachusetts textile workers who told one survey researcher what they actually longed to do more free time: ‘to look around to see what is going on’. They yearned for true leisure, not a different kind of productivity”. - Four Thousand Weeks: Time management for mortals by Oliver Burkeman. Page 147. Spend Time Learning About Oliver >


Right to Roam Two years ago after landing back in the UK, Jim and I invested in some top qual camping gear and decided to explore the UK countryside. Time well spent. Hang on, is time ours to spend? Very much keen for nature and adventure, not so keen on campsites and civilisation. Ducking through, and jumping over fences became our approach; wild camping the intent. This aim came with pretty big fears to start with. The fear of getting caught on private land, trespassing and being slapped on the wrist. After a handful of explorations and a fistful of fun, the fear subsided. In no way did I feel a sense of entitlement in doing what we were doing, but the rules faded and enjoying nature became the thing we focused on. In addition, being a little naughty from time to time and pushing the boundaries is no bad thing. This article sheds some light on the right to roam situation in England and a collective need for access to nature. “So long as I damaged nothing and did not obstruct anyone, I could roam. Not with rights, perhaps – but with confidence all the same.” - Jon Moses Explore More >


How to Thrive “It’s not up to us whether what we do is any good.” - Ethan Hawke In this 9 min video Ethan Hawke seems to think time is ours to spend, and asks the question: ‘Are we spending time doing what is important to us?’. Watch the TED Talk >


What We’re Good At Comes Easy Spending time considering these statements written by Seth Godin may be useful. It may change how you spend time in the future. Take a Look > About Seth Godin >


For Walls & Floors An idea combining the beautiful paradox of calm and chaos. These artworks are not about time necessarily but when appreciating the skill and aesthetic you cannot help but think about the time taken in order to conceptualise and create these masterpieces. Faig Ahmed’s Artwork >


Hilarious Hacks The term hack has always made me cringe. It even sounds annoying! Hacks, if you didn't know, are time saving tips and tricks to make things more efficient. In other words, cutting corners. In more other words, stupid ideas that get you nowhere. To finish on a lighthearted note here are some hilarious hacks. Please do let me know which ones you try out :) Let's Have A Laugh >


Time wasted? Time well spent? Curiosity takes time...keep on with the curious. Lv Kim xx


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