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Untamed. Coaching for Humble High Performers

Scope of work:

Brand Positioning & Strategy

Visual Identity Design

Content Creation

Document Design

Event Positioning, Concept & Design

Jim Hughes required brand strategy, consulting and high volume content creation to support daily business development and outreach campaigns.


With a clear purpose and mission at the core of his business, Jim needed straight forward, no frills visual content to support his coaching business, open avenues to speaking opportunities and create awareness around new avenues of outreach.

Jim's visual identity was inconsistent, with some initial consultation and determining the target audience, we began to design a dynamic system representing the business values and communicating his core purpose.


Showcasing Jim’s own photography and featuring him enjoying ‘untamed activities’ was a non-negotiable within the visual guidelines. Bringing his personal brand to the forefront of visual communication has contributed to the product development of his events and building an Untamed community.


​"Kim was the perfect person, at the perfect time for my business.  I had a fairly clear idea as to my brand and my mission but lacked the creative insight to convert my thoughts into content.


Kim asked me questions I had never been asked before and somehow turned my jumbled answers into awesome marketing content that makes my business look much cooler than it is!


She also worked really quickly and helped me build a big library of content in a short space of time which has taken a huge weight off my shoulders, allowing me to focus on what I am best at.


If you’re looking to turn your amazing ideas and thoughts into epic looking content, get in touch with Kim."

Jim Hughes

CEO & Founder of Untamed

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